"Mentorship is the greatest secret that has helped me this far as an entrepreneur. One of the reasons many businesses are failing today is the lack of guidance and direction from people who are successful in similar niches". - Dr Stephen Akintayo

A wise man once said we rise by lifting others. We are therefore making this call to individuals who have proven to be successful in the niches or areas listed in the banner above to help become a part of the success story of small businesses by providing mentorship, training and support through the Stephen Akintayo Foundation platform.

The Stephen Akintayo Foundation is currently given out grants worth $5 Million to SMEs that are SDG driven. In order to ensure a seamless selection of winners for the grant, we are seeking individuals like you who would use their experience to mentor and support budding entrepreneurs throughout the process of selection. Mentors would also serve as panelists and/or judges during the pitching and qualifying stages.

By rendering this mentorship service:

*You get an opportunity to network with high net-worth entrepreneurs across Africa and;

*An opportunity to partner with other highly successful businesses in Africa and the world at large.