Africa is considered the poorest continent on earth with the highest rate of infant mortality and malnourished people worldwide.

There are several key causes of poverty in Africa however, the major cause is the absence of the growth of capitalism in the region. If the people were well informed about the importance of private ownership of wealth, perhaps the poverty index would not be on the high.

The Stephen Akintayo Foundation is therefore deploying several intitiatives geared towards the complete eradication of poverty in Sub-saharan Africa through Enterpreneurship. 

We believe strongly that entrepreneurship is the main solution to poverty in Africa. Hence, we have erected a framework that supports and rewards great business talents across Sub-saharan Africa.

The Stephen Akintayo Foundation founded by Dr. Stephen Akintayo, Africa’s foremost investment coach, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist would be the icon of African entrepreneurship entrepreneurship by 2023


Our objective is to empower 100,000,000 men and women across Africa by providing the proper resources and training thereby inducing global economic growth, enhancing job creation and eradicating poverty.

We believe strongly in the growth of capitalism and the crucial role played by the private sector in boosting economic and social growth.